Be equally ready to help your students understand biosynthesis and life's big questions.
Get prepared to apply your faith as a Christian Educator in Leadership.

The degrees offered at Morling College are taught from a Christian perspective. We encourage teachers and educational leaders to think deeply about how their work as educators integrates with a Christian worldview.

Your training pathway:


The Christian Teacher

Initial Teaching Education
Morling, in partnership with Christian Heritage College, Brisbane, is set to offer Initial Training Education (Primary and Secondary) to school leavers (Bachelor of Education) and those with relevant undergraduate degrees and career changers (Master of Teaching).


Master of Education

Take the next step in your teaching career with a Master of Education.

Full-time or part-time

Online delivery


Master of Education (Leadership)

Fulfil your role as a Christian educator in leadership.

1-Year full-time, or up to 8 years at your own pace.

Online delivery


Professional Development

Students can study a single unit from either the Master of Education or Master of Education (Leadership) degrees. Units contribute to your formal accreditation.

In addition to online delivery of the single unit courses, they can be presented in person at a school if there are enough (usually five) enrolments.


Doctoral Program

In cooperation with the Australian College of Theology, Morling is offering PhDs in the interface of education and theology. There are bridging coursework options for candidates without prior theological qualification.

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Read our Course Guide

To explore the courses available, the specific units of study, and what studying at Morling College is like, then please download the course guide.

The Gospel is Central

Christ-centred and Bible-based education that submits to the authority of Christ and His Word. Equipping and shaping you to proclaim and live out the gospel

Education is Transformative

Life-transforming and excellent education that empowers you to pursue passionate Christian discipleship. A transforming balance between academic study, rigorous scholarship, practical training, and spiritual formation.

People Matter

Caring education that values people and welcomes a diversity of theological opinion and ministry practice within a framework of shared gospel conviction.