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Morling College offers a range of courses to equip you for you place in your community, church or workplace, or for your role in leadership or ministry.

Studying full-time is the quickest way for you to gain the knowledge and a qualification. However, we understand that it is often difficult to stop work to pursue full time study and commitments we can't put aside. To help you achieve your study goals, we offer a range of flexible study modes, so that we can meet you where you are!


Bible & Theology

Explore our full range of highly recognised theological courses at certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels , including a Professional Supervision Training course. 


 Pathway to Ministry or Mission

 Our short courses and evening classes will help you further your ministry or explore if God is leading you toward mission, a Christian workplace or accreditation as a pastor.


Impact - Gap Year

IMPACT is a set of initiatives crafted by the BYM (Baptist Youth Ministries, NSW & ACT) team. Its aim is to help shape your ongoing development as a follower of Jesus, connecting you with others who share your passion and desire to join in with what God is doing in the world, so that you will be spurred on in your faith and ministry.. 


Educational Leadership

Initial Teaching Education and professional development for teachers that leads towards an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification.



Accredited postgraduate degrees for those wanting to be chaplains, and professional development units for practising chaplains in the health, age-care or other public service sectors.



Accredited postgraduate studies and single professional development units for practising counsellors in clinical, school, hospital or other settings. Professional Supervision Training course - clinical and pastoral stream available. 

Save up to $1718

Domestic students undertaking Australia College of Theology units, subsidised by Morling College, will save around $1718 on fees when they undertake full-time study (48 credit points) within a semester.

*FEE-HELP is available for all units taken for credit towards an award at Morling (except for Certificate of Theology).

Flexible Study Modes

We have established a flexible program, offering both day and evening classes, fully online units, units with classes spread throughout the semester,  units across the summer and winter breaks, livestream lectures and short intensive study on campus. 

So, you can study full time or part time, fully or partially online and with a mixture of modes of study across your course. You can even start with just one evening class and gain credit towards a degree later.

Another popular option is to study casually without credit - you won't even have to complete any assignments or exams! This is a great way to dip your tow in, draw closer to God and discover where He could be leading you.

Over 100 Years of Transformative Education

Morling College has been equipping and shaping Christ-centered followers to impact the world since our inception in 1916. Today, we are one of the longest standing and largest theological college in Australia, with students from Australia and abroad. 

Quality Teaching


Flexible Study Options


Campuses in Sydney and Perth


Community Focused

"My online Morling classes have been like oxygen for my soul! I enjoy learning more about God and gathering to pray with lecturers & students - people I love and call friends"
- Emma (2020 - Master of Ministry) 


Student Life at Morling College


Christ-Centred Community 

Feel right at home among your family of God - a community of believers, from different denominations and backgrounds, called by God to be His People.

Spiritual Support

Student life at Morling is enriched with weekly devotions and group discussions that are centred on prayer, God’s Word and His purpose for our lives.

Academic Support

We offer a comprehensive range of student services, from accessing the latest resources, learning new study skills and strategies, to finding a suitable career.

Professional Training

High-quality practical training ensures they are work-ready, and our accredited degrees widens their placement opportunities upon graduation.



"I love the course that I'm in and I am very impressed with the online program delivery at Morling College - they are miles ahead with what they deliver."
- Peter (2020 - New Testament)

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